Fin Fish

Scotish Smoked Salmon Fillet

Our cured Scottish smoked salmon is smoked slowly over oak chips to produce a deep flavour.
12,50 ₾ / 100 Gram
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    North Sea

Products specifications
Cooking Method Grilled
Sea North Sea
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Norwegian Salmon Fillet

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Salmo Salar.

Norwegian salmon steak

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Minimum order quantity for the salmon steak is 300gr


68,00 ₾ 45,00 ₾
Nutritional values - 100 g energy- 758 kJ 180 kcal fat- 6,3 g of which saturated- 1,2 g carbohydrates- 4,2 g of which sugars- 0 g protein- 26,7 g salt- 2,5 g lactose free, gluten free

Yellowfin Tuna Loin

15,00 ₾ / 100 Gram
We pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest Yellowfin Tuna loins with deep purple colour and clean flavour. 'Sashimi grade' means that this tuna can be eaten raw and making it perfect for turning into sushi. We cut skinless and boneless whole loins weighing from 1 to 1.25 kilo in size. Minimum order size is 200gr.