North Sea

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Cold Smoked Salmon Fillet

9,50 ₾ / 100 Gram

Norwegian Salmon

From 5,99 ₾
Salmo Salar. As a guide 1 fish weight varies from 4 to 7kg and feeds 12-18 portions.

Norwegian Salmon Fillet

7,20 ₾ / 100 Gram
Salmo Salar.

Norwegian salmon steak

5,99 ₾ / 100 Gram
Minimum order quantity for the salmon steak is 300gr

Salmon Norwegian tail

6,50 ₾ / 100 Gram
Salmo Salar As a guide 1 fish (av.5.5kg) feeds 14 portions. £17.50/KG (each portion is roughly 390g before preparation, the method will effect the final weight you receive).  Fish vary in size, the invoiced weight of your fish will be + or - 10% of the ordered weight. Yield indicators are an estimation

Scotish Smoked Salmon Fillet

12,50 ₾ / 100 Gram
Our cured Scottish smoked salmon is smoked slowly over oak chips to produce a deep flavour.