A story born in 1892

The long history of the Montresor family boasts illustrious ancestors, like the Count Claude de Montresor, the prime counsellor of Duke D’Orleans in France in 1600. At the beginning of 19th century a branch of the family moved to Italy in the Veneto region near the lake of Garda, an area renowned for its morain soils: here they found the proper environment where to continue and improve one of the main activities of the family: the viticulture.

Tradition is the Family

In the panorama of Italian viticulture, Cantina Giacomo Montresor, considered one of the most ancient, encompassing over one hundred years of rich history, is a reference point for the Valpolicella wine tradition. Respecting its historical roots – four generations worth – means love of terroir and constant innovation.

The present is tradition 

There is a deep relationship here between the land and the farmer, as between the vine and its trellis. From generation to generation, the Montresors never stopped their dialogue with the territory with only one aim: to develop their heritage of hundred years of experience and at the same time being at forefront experimenting new technologies. Always with respect for tradition.