The city of San Severo is located at the center of the Alto Tavoliere, between the hills of the Preappenino Dauno and the Promontory of the Gargano. An intense prehistoric attendance referable above all to the early Neolithic age is documented by the presence of traces of villages of this period in the southern outskirts of the inhabited center of San Severo.
In the most ancient documents concerning SAN SEVERO (the first dates back to the year 1116) we talk about a "castrum S. Severi" and a "castellum S. Severini". Emperor Frederick II built the "Palatium Bello Videre apud Sanctum Severum" and then, by the rebellion of the inhabitants in 1230, he destroyed the walls corresponding to the current "internal circle" and with these fills the ditch: this to punish and to humiliate the country, which sided with the Benedictine fathers, had rebelled against it and entrusted the city to the Knights of the Order of the Templars. Presumably this period coincides with the beginning of the cultivation of the white Bombino vine (basic vine of the D.O.P. SAN SEVERO), brought by the Templars in their return from the Holy Land.
With the advent of the subsequent Angevin domination, the walls are rebuilt with a wider perimeter, corresponding to the current "external tour". The reconstruction, after the terrible earthquake of 1627 changed the urban layout and gave rise, especially in the following century, to the flourishing of baroque palaces and churches, which constitute one of the attractions of today's city of San Severo.
In 1933 the Cantina Sociale San Severo, a cooperative society, was founded. In that year 30 winemakers, thanks to the commitment of an important farmer in the city, Antonio La Monaca, gathered to create one of the oldest cellars in Puglia.
The winery is spread over two production sites for over 18,000 square meters. and is equipped for the reception, processing and marketing of eighteen million kg of grapes, of which four of D.O.P. and four of grapes I.G.P ..
Produces and markets D.O.P. San Severo Bianco, Rosato and Rosso, wines I.G.T. including Nero di Troia and Bombino Bianco and other wines with the "L'Antica Cantina" brand.
The quality system certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 today has completed a commitment to quality.
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Capitolo Daunia Falanghina 0.750 ml

25,50 ₾ 20,40 ₾
Production area: Northern Puglia - Aguno DaunoAlcohol content: 13.00% vol.Taste: FreshPerfume: FruityHarvest period: September-October

Portale San Severo Bianco 0.750 ml

26,00 ₾ 20,80 ₾
Production area: Northern Puglia - Agro Dauno Alcohol content: 12.00% vol. Taste: dry and fresh taste Bouquet: fine and delicate bouquet, with hints of fruity Harvest period: September - October