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Calamarata 0.5 kg.

Making pasta is an art, in our case it is an art born and developed in the natural environment of the Crotone’s Marquisate. A territory characterized by vineyards, olive groves, woods and plenty of water; all ideal conditions for the production of an excellent wheat and therefore of an excellent pasta. Pastificio Astorino, comes from uniting technology and family traditions. The production of Pasta Astorino is controlled on every stage of production, and it is performed in four phases: in the first phase the dough is made with water coming from the sources of the Sila mountains and prime quality durum wheat semolina. In the second phase, using small machinery, it is possible to obtain special shapes of Pasta. The third phase is the one of the pasteurization, and finally in the fourth phase there is the desiccation which happens slowly and gradually in order to obtain a genuine product, prime quality and without changing the nutritional characteristics.

Ingredients Durum wheat flour semolina, water.
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